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Best if: You’re looking for a decadent meal to make you forget about the state of America.

If you are looking for a decadent meal to get you through winter and lift your spirits, look no further than Tredici Enoteca, a new Italian/Mediterranean dining destination in the gorgeous St. Gregory hotel. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will walk through a cozy, fireplace lit lounge to the dining room. As soon as you get seated, order a glass of wine or a cocktail (try the Tredici #2, you can’t go wrong with rye whiskey, vermouth, and bitters). Then, peruse the lengthy menu because there is a lot to choose from! Luckily, your friends from BYT are here with recommendations.

The Mediterranean board is a great way to start the meal; it’s full of warm, doughy pita bread, housemade falafel, garlicky hummus, green bean salad, and a red quinoa tabbouleh. The board is huge, so it’s great if you are with a group of friends. If you are on date, consider starting your meal with the creamiest ricotta you will ever have, which also comes with warm pita bread, or the mushroom toast which may have been the most popular dish at our table. A huge, crusty piece of sourdough bread is piled high with warm, earthy mushrooms and then smothered in melted cheese. Yes, you may find yourself fighting over the last bite.

Next move on to salads, entrees and sides. The broccoli and avocado salad sounds weird but is surprisingly delicious. It’s crunchy from the broccoli and creamy from the avocado, and has a nutty element from a sprinkling of black sesame seeds. The roasted spaghetti squash is equally as good; sprinkled with shaved provolone and served on a bed of fragrant tomato sauce. The cous cous is essential to the meal—it comes topped with burrata. Enough said. I would also recommend the gnocchi, the potato dumplings are light and fluffy and smothered in a fresh tomato sauce.

Best of all may be the desserts: butterscotch pudding that melts on your tongue, chocolate cake smothered in melted chocolate, and tiramisu in a jar. It’s all so good.


This is a great spot to bring family from out of town; or for a night of hanging out with friends over food, wine, and cocktails. Just make sure you get the mushroom toast—and the butterscotch pudding.