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Toki Underground is known for its ramen, but to keep things interesting they’re adding a host of small plates and cocktails to their current menu. The lengthy wait time may have deterred you from venturing over to Toki, especially with so many ramen spots opening up in the city recently, but these new dishes are reason enough to endure the wait for a table.


Fried enoki mushrooms were the highlight for me. Delicate, buttery enoki mushrooms are enrobed in a golden crust, seated in a glossy pool of lime kewpie mayo and adorned with microgreens. Hints of ginger and tarragon and lime bring out the earthiness of the mushrooms, and the creamy sauce is begging to be mopped up with the mushrooms.


Other notable additions to the menu include pillowy puffs of fried tofu, served over rice with a sweet and savory black bean sauce. Dan Dan noodles are also new, and feature noodles tossed in a soy sauce and rice vinegar dressing, topped with chimichurri, charred Napa cabbage, curried eggplant, tomatoes and broccoli.


As for drinks, mezcal aficionados will love The Oni, which combines mezcal with amaro, ginger syrup, lime and fresh, fragrant basil. It’s bold and smoky. Leaves on Shibuya is also a great choice, with gin, lemon and cardamom bitters. Rye drinkers will especially like Pedro’s Revenge, with rye, sherry, and vermouth.

Fried food, mezcal cocktails, and ramen. No wonder people are still flocking to Toki.