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I’m always looking for quiet neighborhood spots for a relaxing Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a boozy, three hour long brunch. But sometimes, you just want a easy, casual breakfast to kick off the day. For days like that, I love the Royal, Dacha Market, Rare Sweets, and now, Timber Pizza Co. Timber Pizza is doing breakfast and it’s not pizza. The rustic joint is serving up wood fired pastries, bagels, and biscuits, breakfast empanadas, mimosas, and Bloody Marys.

I stopped by over the weekend, grabbed a seat on their cute patio, and took care of my hangover with an egg and cheese sandwich, served on a buttery, flaky biscuit sprinkled with zaatar, a bagel with cream cheese, and a crisp, warm pastry crowned with a sweet strawberries.

The egg and cheese sandwich was the heartiest; so if you are starving, this is what you should order. You can get it on a bagel or a biscuit, and there are pros and cons to both. The biscuit is divine, and adds a buttery aspect to the sandwich. But, the egg and cheese fit better on the bagel so it’s a little easier to eat. Whatever you choose, drizzle it with a little spicy sauce which comes on the side.

For something on the lighter side, get an egg and cheese empanada; they are small and come three to an order so you can share. And if you want something sweet, go for the pastry which may have been my favorite item of all. The pastry is so crisp from being wood-fired, but still manages to be flaky and delicate. The pastry changes week by week, but right now it’s a divine cream cheese and strawberry topping. It is delectable with a hot cup of coffee.


Next time you are nursing a hangover, craving an egg and cheese sandwich, or in need of quick breakfast, stop by Petworth. These breakfast dishes are so good you won’t even miss their awesome pizzas.