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I finally found my favorite pizza spot in the city, and luckily it’s not too far from where I live. Hello, Timber Pizza Co. You may recall Timber from various Farmer’s Markets around the city. You can still find them at those, but now they have their own brick-and-mortar shop, located on Upshur St. in Petworth.

The cozy venue has picnic bench seating, a small bar, and most importantly, damn good pizza. The menu changes with the seasons, and although I will miss the pizza sprinkled with fresh corn kernels of the summer, the new fall pizzas I sampled are seriously awesome. Simple, says owner Drew; creative to the nines says me! The deliciousness comes from a variety of factors: great cheese, dough that is not too heavy and not too airy, with just the right amount of chewiness that is wood-fired to perfection; local, seasonal, flavorful toppings, and a magical combination of those toppings.

One of the new additions to the menu is the Ackley, where loads of melted mozzarella serves as the base for sweet roasted butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds,and heaps of crispy sweet potato shards, all drizzled with lemon pesto concoction. Another seasonal offering is the Tulu, with microgreens, apples, cheese, and dollops of spicy nectarine jam. It’s sweet and spicy and cheesy and delicious.

But for classic pizza aficionados, fear not, there is the cheese please which is just mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, and the green monster, where cheese covers a pesto smothered dough which is then topped with kale and feta cheese.


The rest of the menu is simple: a couple of empanadas, made with the fantastic pizza dough, fresh seasonal salads, and of course beverages: rose on tap, a cocktails, and beer. Oh and there is dessert too! An ice cream platter where the cones are wood-fired in-house….