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The Twisted Horn is my new favorite watering hole in the city. In all fairness, this is partially due to the proximity to where I live, but the main reason is because drinks so are bloody good.

Indoor and outdoor food and drink menus are different; this review is a review only of the patio menus. The patio area is small, but cozy with twinkling lights, a mural, and plenty of seating. There is also an outdoor bar, complete with half a dozen drinks on tap. The space is brand spankin’ new, so visit before everyone finds out about it and its too crowded and you can’t get a seat.

Drinks are as fun as their names suggest. My sister started with the Peach Don’t Kill My Vibe. It was a bourbon and peach sweet tea concoction, strong and sweet. The Aperol Spritz was my favorite; bitter and refreshing and way too easy to drink. Another crowd pleaser was the Nope. Too Many Apples. Definitely Should Have Gotten Less Apples. (See I told you the names were fun!) Its made with apple brandy, but it went down just like apple juice. The Orange Crush is a made with vodka, orange, and Cointreau, pretty on the eyes and great for the palate. We also tried An Italian Man Driving His Bicycle Through An Italian Piazza With His Pant Leg Rolled Slightly Above His Ankle. Made with Aperol, grapefruit, and mint. it tastes as good as it sounds!

At this point we were sufficiently hammered and got a few small dishes: warm pretzels bites with a silky beer cheese sauce, potato chips, cauliflower in a spicy buffalo sauce with blue cheese bits, and a stunning cheese board with pickles, honey, jam, mustard and of course lots of cheese.

It’s good. It’s all good. Next time you go look for me on the patio. I’ll be the one in the back, with the sunglasses on and aperol spritz in my hand. With my pant leg rolled slightly above my ankle.