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By Priya Konings 

I’ve always been impartial to McGinty’s. It’s just a great neighborhood bar, with friendly and welcoming staff, a great beer list, and exceptionally good bar food (hello chickpea burger I heart you.)

Now, there is even more to love. McGinty’s recently opened up The Room, a restaurant within the restaurant, which occupies a large room on the second floor. The Room offers a fine dining menu which showcases Chef Nico Amroune’s talent and extensive experience that he garnered while working at high-end D.C. spots like Galileo, Spezie, Teatro Goldoni, Tosca Restaurant, and M Café & Bar.

While the cuisine at McGinty’s is a mix of Irish fare with other European influences and of course, plenty of great bar snacks like spinach and artichoke dip, the cuisine at the Room is more seasonal and Italian influenced.

Having heard of the opening of The Room, I of course raced over to sample the new menu. Some of the best dishes I tried included a spring pea soup, topped with crunchy housemade croutons, seasonal salads like the above beet and goat cheese salad, which included fava beans and bruleed goat cheese, different freshly made pastas that were simple, elegant, and perfectly seasoned, innovative dishes such as cauliflower steak, and decadent desserts like a hazelnut bar with orange sorbet. The pictures are far more telling than any words I can use: but I can tell you, everything tasted just as beautiful as it looked.

On June 2, 3, and 4th your entire menu at The Room will be half off: this is a great opportunity to check out this local gem, which also features craft cocktails and a great wine list to enjoy with your meal.