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Walking through the nondescript black door on 14th street and up the stairs to The Gibson, I felt like Frank Underwood. Then I drank the “Frank Underwood.”


Then I proceeded to feel the power of the DC elite, ripe with a palate enriched by malort, apple brandy, kummel, campari and lemon. Because really, there are two kinds of pain. Useless pain, like having to deal with this bitch of an endless winter. And the kind of pain that makes you stronger, like preparing yourself for the burn brought on by the amazingly strong, amazingly crafted cocktails at The Gibson.


Strong like “I’ve Been Drankin'” (yes, a cocktail that’s DRUNK IN LOVE), featuring Laphroaig single malt whisk(e)y aged for 10 years that will knock you flat on your feet if you don’t have Queen B’s thighs.
This is all part of The Gibson’s new spring menu,  filled with all the tart and/or strong cocktails your heart desires.


New to the spirit game? Don’t fret. Frankie Jones, the master mixologist, has been at work drafting a menu for your champagne and beer loving crowd. Opt for “Things I Still Remember” featuring Kappa Pisco, Yellow Chartreuse, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Egg White, and Ginger Ale.


Also new, you can craft your own cocktail as part of “The Laboratory” program.  Pick a base liquor, a flavor profile, a strength, and mention any allergies / disdain for ingredients – all on a tear sheet you’ve seen at any and all sushi happy hours. They’ll whip up a one-of-a-kind concoction that you can order the next time you want to drink like the Underwoods.