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The Brixton has taken their menu to a new level, to provide you (the huuuuuuuungry customer) with (delicioooooooooous) cuisine that reflects the unique and diverse culture here in Washington D.C.  Though The Brixton will always stay true to its British roots, Chef Jorge Pimentel has decided to change things up and shift focus to “street” food from around the world.

By far the best entree was the Seafood Curry Laksa with vermicelli noodles and Thai chilies ($12).  I could have eaten three more bowls of what was one of the best curries I’ve had since my last trip to England.  The seafood was cooked perfectly (a giant clam, muscles, shrimp, baby clams) and the noodles were the perfect conduit to slurp up the addictive broth. Other standouts from the meal included Miso Glazed Grilled Black Cod with pickled european cucumber, teriyaki sauce and sesame seed ($12); the Black Lentil Curry with saffron rice and coconut cream (that comes in an adorable pot, $7); and the Smoked Jamaican Jerk Chicken with grilled plantains, rice and peas ($11).  All three of these main entrees were cooked to perfection.  It was a true delight to see Chef Pimentel really showing us his skills every time we received a seafood entree (like the Red Snapper; also delicious, albeit frightening looking).

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