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Thai X-ing has long been one of D.C.’s most revered dining venues. Famed for its homey ambiance and authentic Thai cuisine, reservations are often made weeks in advance in order to score a spot at the shockingly inexpensive restaurant-that-looks-like-a-rowhouse. Chef/owner Taw Vigsittaboot finally decided in 2014 to branch out with a second Thai X-ing, this time on 9th Street. And the question burning in the minds of D.C. residents since then has been, of course, does the new Thai X-ing live up to the high standards set by the original? Well, you can go ahead and release a sigh of relief. The younger sister is not only just as good, but maybe even better: the new one serves booze.


The food at the new venue is essentially the same: crunchy, spicy papaya salad brightened with sweet cherry tomatoes; lemongrass infused coconut milk laden tom yum soup; fluffy y brown rice served with soft yellow beans; the signature pumpkin curry, with red curry, hunks of sweet pumpkin, and fresh basil; crunchy bean sprouts tossed with mushrooms and sugar snap peas; slippery glass noddles laced with cilantro and chilies; pad thai made with peppers and herbs and lime and peanuts; and the sweetest, juiciest mango sticky rice you will ever have.


For everyone who is worried that the BYOB option has been eliminated; rest assured you can still bring in your own wine. However, there is a $5.00 corkage fee. The restaurant bar is up and running and stocked with wine, beer, and spirits so if you forget to BYOB, you can purchase something from the bar.


Something tells me this new Thai X-ing will surpass the original in popularity: the original does not serve alcohol and no longer allows you to BYOB. And who can eat spicy Thai food with a cold beer or chilled glass of pinot grigio to wash it down?


Plus, the eclectic artwork, dim lighting, cozy atmosphere and speedy service are all ever-present at Thai X-ing II, so you will feel right at home. You may even recognize some of the staff from the original location. All in all, two thumbs up!