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Tail Up Goat has gotten quite the hype. With the three owners hailing from Komi and Little Serow, they have a large reputation to live up to, and from what we sampled, they are rising to the challenge.

Our meal opened with dense, hearty slabs of brown rice bread, smeared with crème fraiche and then adorned with shredded turnips, radishes and mint leaves. It’s a refreshing, appetite-wetting opening to a meal. Then, stracciatella, which is a stretched mozzarella cheese (when you mix it with cream that’s how you get burrata, so yeah its pretty damn good). It’s creamy and fresh and like velvet on your tongue. The cheese comes with hunks of fried bread and bright red radish shards. Eat every last bite. Another highlight: braised carrots soaked in a sweet and garlicky sauce, beautiful to look at and even better for the palate.


For my main course I had a smoked rutabaga pasta, where the oh-so-soft ravioli is delicately filled with a bold filling bursting with a combination of smokiness and sweetness. The basil mint pesto sauce brought a fresh, nutty quality to the dish, making it incredibly flavorful and well-balanced.

Dessert included a luscious butterscotch pudding and a crumbly almond cake topped with a dollop of mascarpone, pan-fried almond pieces, and a sweet blueberry sauce.

Portions are small so order multiple dishes; an easy task considering the quality of food.