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We, over here at BYT, take drinks with a view VERY seriously, and lets face it, not much beats out the view at P.O.V. at the W. So, when we heard they were unveiling their summer cocktails, we figured it was our civil duty to taste them and give you a brief recap of what to expect alongside the best vistas in this city. Cue: a photo of one of said vistas…



The is a whole of 6 new drinks, created by Joseph Ambrose (aka the man who keeps winning the Artini people’s choice year after year after year). The spirits are heavy on the bourbons, rums, gins and delicious, delicious mezcals (sorry vodka drinkers) and range from perfectly airy and crisp to what we like to call “pretty damn potent”.


For the lady in your life, check out the Marmelade cocktail (GIN, Lemon and Citrus Marmelade)


Keeping with the fruit theme is the Broken Blackberry (Bourbon, Blackberries, Lemon, Honey, Cinnamon, Elderflower) which sounds like it is ALMOST good for you, but definitely packs a sneaky punch.



For those looking for a serious drink on a hot day, check out either El Bandolero Rose, a mescal AND tequila based cocktail (why have only one when you can have both?) Melon & Tomato water, Lemon, Mint & Pork Barrel Hellfire Bitters or the Summertime Rock & Rye a rye whiskey and rum combo (do we see a pattern here? let me help you, that patter is (delicious) TROUBLE. All caps) with Lemon, Orange, Spices.


Oh, and there IS a drink called “WHERE IS THE WHITE HOUSE?” inspired by the most popular question the rooftop gets. Rum, Pineapple, coconut, Orange in it make it seem like it could be the most popular (summer) order the rooftop gets too.

Now, enjoy some more of the pretty photos so you can decide which of these will best match your outfit come drinking hour: