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By Priya Konings

Two roads diverged in wood and I took the Silk Road straight to culinary heaven. Chef Tim Ma, former-engineer-turned-acclaimed-DC-Chef, has put together a noodle pop-up called Silk Road in his popular Water and Wall restaurant, and I am here to tell you that you must go sample the fabulous dishes being offered. Today. Right Now. Just do it!


Available only at lunchtime, the pop-up menu features dishes that hail from all over the world, all utilizing noodles of course. The current menu pays homage to Italian, Asian, and Eastern European noodle traditions. There is succulent beet ravolini, stuffed with creamy ricotta and beautifully capped with whole, crunchy walnuts and strips of parmesan. It is gift for your eyes, a feast for your taste buds, and a treat for your soul.


The cacio e pepe pasta is even better; gorgeous and surprisingly light pappardelle noodles are tossed in a silky, heady cheese sauce and crowned with warm, earthy black truffle shards. The pierogies also make the not-to-be-missed list; delicate pillows are filled with a smooth potato filling and are served in a brown butter sauce that is so good you will want to bath in it. Fried sage leaves add a woody-piney element to the dish.


For an Asian inspired dish, order the soba noodles, which come in a dashi broth, with bok choy and a piece of perfectly fried veggie tempura as a garnish. The dish was created by Jonah Kim, who will be helming the new, much anticipated Ballston noodle bar Yona.


The pop-up menu is only available until March, which I why you have to go check out this pop-up as soon as possible. Today. Right Now. Just do it!