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Photos by Jeff Martin, Words by Melissa Groth

Are you ready for the best news of your life because here it is: starting today you can eat all meals at Shake Shack. The Union Station location now offers breakfast, so you don’t ever have to leave. Your life will be like that Tom Hanks movie, Terminal, where he gets stuck in the airport because of like, war or whatever; BUT YOU will be stuck at a train station, voluntarily, because of tasty sandwiches all day.

The new breakfast menu features three new sandwiches, all made with Niman Ranch cage-free eggs, all delicious. Egg and cheese, bacon egg and cheese, and sausage egg and cheese are your options. They’re inspired by New York City deli breakfast sandwiches and served on that yummy toasted potato bun. The sandwiches are simple, classic, and so freaking good. The American cheese is perfectly melty between the egg and meat– or toasted bun, if you opt for an egg and cheese only.  But you’re going to want to go for the sausage option, trust me. I am not a huge sausage breakfast sandwich fan. Hated fennel since I was a kid, plus typical breakfast sausage is frozen and has those weird chewy bits. The Shake Shack sausage is not your typical breakfast sausage. It’s a pork sausage, ground fresh daily, flavored with maple and sage.  It’s the product of two months of development to create a sausage patty with “intramuscular fat” that doesn’t cook off (but doesn’t leave those chewy bits either). It is so good. Mark Rosati, Shake Shack’s culinary director, says of the three sandwiches, the sausage is “the most unique.”

Another great thing about the Shake Shack breakfast menu, which will be served Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., is that it doesn’t preclude you from ordering off the regular menu. Like hashbrowns with your breakfast? Well how about crinkle fries because you can totally have that.

But that’s not all! In addition to the wonderful food, there is also fantastic drink from Stumptown Coffee Roasters who have developed a special brew just for Shake Shack’s breakfast, dubbed the “Stumptown Shack” blend, to compliment the salt and the fat and the other amazing flavors on the menu. Want a cold option for to combat the summer heat? They’ve got cold brew bottled and ready to go (and get you going all day). Add milk and sugar if you want, or just order the cold brew with milk, which comes in a cute milk carton that’ll make you feel like a kid again. I recommend the bottled cold brew, black, super smooth and easy to drink without the acidity you get from regular black coffee. Tea, apple juice, and amazing fresh-squeezed orange juice are also available. Plus milkshakes of course, if you like ice cream with your breakfast (who doesn’t?).