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By Priya Konings 

As the weather outside continues to deteriorate, it’s time to get yourself into some place warm and cozy where the food is comforting and the cocktails are flowing. Second State just happens to fit that bill.

The décor is industrial but warm and inviting, and the beverage program focuses on rye whiskey, guaranteed to warm you to your core as the temperatures outside drop. Favorites include the Dutch Mule, a classic drink served in a charming copper mug, and the Keystone Whiskey Sour, with amaretto, lemon, egg whites, and bitters.

On to the food. Prepare yourself for a hearty, soulful meal, with the likes of cheddar pierogies drowned in butter and caramelized onions, bruschetta piled high with sautéed mushrooms and goat cheese, and Caesar salad doused in garlicky dressing and freshly fried croutons.
No meal at Second State would be complete without their silky smoked Gouda mashed potatoes, fried brussel sprouts, and the liquidy and sweet creamed corn. Oh and there is more: five cheese truffled mac n cheese. It’s so good it may be laced with crack but who cares just get it in your mouth. To make yourself feel slightly less guilty about the crack mac n cheese, try the sautéed spinach or grilled asparagus.
But save room for dessert, because the stout brownies smothered in nutella ice cream may be the only thing that’s going to get you through this winter.

Feature photo by Franz Mahr from our First Look piece.