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Yes, there is an Ian MacKaye burger on the new Satellite Room menu. Yes, it contains meat. In fact, it contains meat and chicken liver mousse. Two different types of meat. Here’s a photo.


There are other things on the menu. There’s a Chuck Brown burger featuring roasted poblanos, chipotle aioli, avocado and pepperjack. It’s a better burger than the Ian MacKaye burger but it’ll most likely receive little to no press. In fact, the best burger on the menu is the Henry Rollins, a poutine burger topped with fries, gravy and cheese curd. Poutine tastes great but does not photograph well, because, it’s gravy and looks disgusting so here’s a photos of the Chuck Brown burger.

Let’s get back to the Henry Rollins burger. Rollins is not a vegetarian so there won’t be a story about a burger named after a famous vegetarian, but Rollins is an extremely healthy person. He’s an avowed gym rat and wrote extensively about eating healthy on the road. He has the poutine burger. It’s very good. It’s the burger I’ll order again the next time I’m going to a 9:30 Club show. It’s the burger that should raise the most eyebrows. Anyway, here’s another photo of the Ian MacKaye burger.


There are other things on the menu. It’s been revamped. There are now loaded tots. I recommend the bacon syrup tots. There are not named after a famous musician.

The booze shakes are still available. They’re still a treat. It’s damn near impossible to consume more than one so try out the Archie Leach, a strawberry shake with Tanqueray London Dry Gin.

The feature that is much needed is the all day breakfast. From open to close you can order breakfast staples. That shouldn’t be a super awesome feature, but this city needs more breakfast at night spots.