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all words and photos: Priya Konings
September 16 (TODAY!) is Mexican Independence Day, which is the perfect excuse to go out and eat Mexican food and drink margaritas. Rosa Mexicano is offering a fabulous three course meal to commemorate the special day, available for $30. Can’t make it on Independence Day? No worries, the menu is offered until October 12th.

The menu opens with a hearty and savory tamale served in a cazuela, which is a traditional Mexican cooking pot. The unconformed tamale is topped with huitlacoche, Mexican corn truffles, and a rich tomato based sauce. It is comforting and delicious. Another appetizer option is an order of crab empanadas, served with duo of salsas: mango and avocado.

Crepes and enchiladas are available as main course options and vegetarians can choose from veggie tacos, enchiladas, or a chile relleno. Rice and beans, sprinkled with fresh cotija cheese, are served on the side.

It is nearly impossible to choose between the two desserts and I can’t help you because I loved them both. The crepes are filled with the silkiest caramel and served with generous scoops of cool vanilla ice cream. The tres leches cake is moist and decadent, adorned with a massive mound of sweet meringue.

The Independence Day drink special is the Margarita Rosa, made with pomegranate and prickly pear-infused El Jimador blanco, pomegranate, lime and organic agave nectar. Served on the rocks, it will hit the spot no matter what you decide to eat.
Viva Mexico!