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The statement I am going to make is hard to believe. I went to brunch and had a non-alcoholic beverage that was better than a cocktail. I know. It’s a real shocker. But Rosa Mexicano serves up refreshing, delicious agua frescas (drinks made with fresh fruit, lime and water). On my recent visit, I sampled the pineapple, which was all fresh and frothy, served in its own mini jug. It is the perfect opener to the day and a delicious meal. Don’t get me wrong—a cocktail should be ordered as well. Cava mimosas, margaritas, and sangria are all available by the glass and the pitcher.

The brunch menu at Rosa Mexicano is extensive, with lunch and breakfast entrees, which is always a winning sign. We started the meal off with a bowl of guacamole made table side, essential to any meal you have a Rosa. Next we treated ourselves to warm, crumbly skillet cornbread followed by tacos stuffed to the brim with roasted peppers, mushrooms, and spicy chile de arbol salsa.


We also sampled expertly cooked eggs benedict, served over sopes instead of muffins and drizzled with a luscious crema. Scrambled eggs with cheese and potatoes, layered between fried tortillas, is even better, and is perhaps the pinnacle of the brunch fare. On the side, we inhaled spicy Mexican rice, creamy black beans, and esquites, which is corn smothered in crema, queso, cilantro, and chili powder.


The meal wouldn’t be complete without a sweet dish, and the churros French toast is a sweet dish like no other. Crispy fried French toast has a decadent cinnamon infused crust, while the center is soft and moist. It’s served with a vanilla maple syrup.

The dining room at Rosa is huge and has floor to ceiling windows that let in a huge amount of light, making it a great spot for brunching in the the cooler months. Score a window spot for optimal people-watching opportunities, and ask for Greece to be your server (she’s super nice!).