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I found myself being not-so-sad when the Reef closed. Other than the rooftop, there was little else to write home about (except the pretzels, I’ll concede). The lower floors are just kinda whatever, I think there was a fishtank but really who cares.

Roofers Union is the heir to the old Reef building, and the same sweet roof is back only this time there’s a brunch menu that is concerned equally with booze.

Mimosas and bloodies, tried and true, certainly good but not really exciting. Roofers responds with “brunch punch” served in a bowl for sharing and all are artisanal and refreshing, like this campari nugget you’ll see below. Four people is the perfect amount of people to dive into that pool.


The food menu, overseen by the ever-joyful approach to eating by Marjorie Meek-Bradley  has the staples, and then some specialties which I’ll recap.

The Chicken and Waffles is the jewel- the waffles are not too sweet and the creamy sausage gravy against the crunchy fried chicken skin is gonna change your life.


The Hot Mess is basically a bit of everything and comes in a skillet like a hobo banquet. It’s good enough and is very filling but I wouldn’t get it again.


The soft shell crab sandwich comes with really fancy bacon and an egg on top. The crab is nice and big, creamy and crispy.


There’s even a sort of brunchy dessert. We had the strawberries and cream which is hard to screw up but the cream was very fresh and chilled.

This will be a good summertime go-to and is a huge step up from the old guard. and a new go-to for any slightly-to-majorly hungover weekend morning.