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By Priya Konings

Red Light has secured its spot on 14th street as a great venue for drinks and dessert. Recently, they decided to expand their menu to include several savory dishes for diners who want some snacks to nibble on while boozing it up on their cozy outdoor patio, or inside their small dining room.


The best dishes on the savory menu include cheese fondue for two, beet tartare with a dollop of creamy goat cheese and a pile of crunchy crostini and a decadent mushroom flatbread drizzled with truffle oil.



Desserts and drinks are still the highlight of the menu, with cheesecake, Nutella s’mores and Indian rice fritters. This is one of those times where the pictures speak louder than words.


As for cocktails, try the Peep Show, a staple on their menu, made with bourbon, pimms and ginger beer. The Mata Hari is a unique choice, with curry infused vodka, and the Just Peachy is an easy drink, with peach liquor and prosecco.


Eat, drink, have dessert and drink more. Got it?