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D.C.’s favorite restaurant has made all of our dreams come true: Rasika West End has started Sunday champagne brunch service. While Bajaj’s Bombay Club has always been the go-to for an Indian brunch, Rasika is taking a decidedly different approach, thereby bringing more options into the world of Indian brunch. Rather than a buffet of Indian dishes, Rasika is offering an a la carte menu featuring brunch delicacies from different regions of India.

Sample dhokla, which are light, fluffy Gujrathi lentil patties served with a bright cilantro and mint chutney; pao bhaji, a popular Bombay street food where potato curry is served on a soft, buttery roll; samosa chaat and spinach chaat, both North Indian street snacks that are favorite of Indians and non-Indians alike; egg curry, where eggs are baked with spinch in a tomato gravy; and masala uttapam from the south. For dessert, a date cake is a delight, but the real highlight is the bread and butter bread pudding: a saffron and cardamom infused dream that will have you coming back again and again.

Enjoy your brunch on Rasika West End’s charming outdoor patio while the weather is still nice. Champagne is free flowing, and fresh juices like watermelon juice are readily available.  A word of advice: Brunch service at Rasika West End hasn’t been discovered by the masses yet, so make a reservation and get your brunch on before everyone finds out about this new menu and you can’t get a table for weeks on end!