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By Priya Konings

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, but this year forget the flowers because we have something better for your wife/significant other/girl you have been stalking on Tinder/hot neighbor you have been watching creepily though her window/random person you are going to hook up with on February 13 so you don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day.


Stop by D.C.’s newest development, City Center, and go over to RareSweets, a charming dessert shop that just opened a few weeks ago. Pick up one of their “Let’s Get It On” boxes (because you know Valentine’s Day is all about the nooky and gifting one of these boxes is only going to get you closer to getting some lovin’.) The gift box is filled with house made hot chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows, chocolate drizzled coconut macaroons, butter blondies, and heart shaped cookies.


If you are too cheap to by the whole box, you can purchase a bag of the macaroons or a box of the cookies. Additionally, and perhaps best of all, RareSweets is featuring a spiced hot chocolate mini cake with toasted marshmallow for Valentine’s Day, which is the perfect dessert to share between two. Having sampled RareSweets mini cakes, I can tell you they are not only adorable, but sinfully good. And what says romance more than two people, two forks, and one luscious chocolate cake?



Go down to City Center to sample RareSweets goods; in addition to the Valentine’s Day specials they offer pastries, whole cakes, cake by the slice, a variety of mini cakes, and hot coffee to wash it all down.