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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Quarter + Glory recently celebrated their first anniversary. The 14th and U spot has a diverse clientele. It’s a happy hour spot, a late night spot, a packed bar, and a cocktail lounge. Their new drink menu tries to cater to all those groups. After a year on a very busy corner, they’re catering to their large clientele. It wants to please all groups. If you know what to order, you should leave pleased.

The new spring menu features nine new cocktails. We tried most. Here’s what we think, from our least to most preferred.

Orange Crush

Great for the non-drinker. It’s easy going down but not very satisfying. It tastes nothing like the ingredients that make it, Evan Williams Bourbon, Cocchi Americano, Montenegro Amaro, lemon, honey, egg white. It’s interesting that it doesn’t taste like bourbon, but if you know a drink has bourbon in it, shouldn’t you want to enjoy the taste of bourbon?

That being said, we’re guessing this will be the most popular new option. It’s called Orange Crush. It’s sweet. It looks nice. Most people don’t care about the taste of liquor. If they did, vodka wouldn’t be the most popular spirit.


Sherry Blossom

I will never make a drink with sherry at home. I will order it in a bar. This is a fine cocktail for colder weather. Since most of the cherry blossoms are already dead, it’s seasonally appropriate.



If you’re going to order one drink from this menu for warm weather, this is it. The rum based drink welcomes warm weather.



Cocktails like this are why you drink in bars. I could make this at home. I have all of the ingredients (Highland Park 12 yr Sigle Malt Scotch, lemon, ginger, honey, Islay Whisky) but I could not acheive the flavors Beverage Director Kenneth McCoy does. Quarter + Glory’s version of a Penicillin has an unusual aftertaste and mouth feel. It’s pillowy and light. Keep in mind this is a scotch drink. The candied ginger barely pokes through. The story behind how the cocktail is made is even more interesting. It’ll be on draft, which is custom to the bar, using a new magnet technology that allows for constant mixing. I think that’s right. Ask McCoy the next time you see him.


Anise + Easter Egg

Quarter + Glory is best enjoyed as a happy hour or nightcap destination. It’s best enjoyed at the start or end of a date. Anise + Easter Egg is a fancy date cocktail. It looks lovely and tastes pleasant.


Wooly Bully

If I’m going to Quarter + Glory alone, this is what I’m ordering. The Wooly (one l) Bully packs the most bag for your buck. The all spirits cocktail is made from Rittenhouse Rye, Don Ciccio & Figli Cinque Aperitivo, Punt E Mes, yellow chartreuse, bitters and I will be making versions of it at home.


No Se’

We saved the best for last. But we actually had it first. So throughout the tasting, we compared everything to the No Se’. Nothing is as good as the No Se’. It’s meant for warm weather. It might be the best offering because of its simplicity. Illegal Mezcal Joven, Campari, Martini & Rossi Vermouth Rosso, orange and ice chips, the drink is appropriate for the season and the mezcal trend. We hope it becomes a fixture on the menu. More mezcal, less vodka, please.


Quarter + Glory begins a jazz series this week. Each Wednesday The Savoy Jazz Night will feature D.C. musicians and a special cocktail menu. If you aren’t satisfied with the new spring offering, Wednesday’s from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. will present more options.

Quarter + Glory, 2017 14th St NW, is open seven days a week and offers happy hour from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.