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Photos By Nicholas Karlin, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The POV Lounge in the W Washington is popular because of its location and view. It’s the tallest bar near The White House. It has the best view of the Washington Monument. People will go to the W regardless of their drinks.

I went for the view. I did not order their cocktails. I’m reconsidering my decisions.

The POV Lounge winter cocktails aren’t trying to reinvent anything, just compliment how you want to enjoy the view. So that’s how we’ll be writing about them, what to order when you’re trying to _____.

When you’re trying to enjoy champagne but want to enjoy more than champagne, order the Spiced Champagne Cocktail. It’s a pleaser for both champagne fans and people who want more than bubbles. The slight kick helps it stand out.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-1

When you’re trying to order an inapporpriate titled drink but it’s the best thing on the menu, order the Grab em by the Roni. This should be on the menu year round. Negroni drinks are fantastic and this title is unfortunate but the W is across the street from The White House so here you go. Best thing on the menu.
W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-3

When you’re trying to warm up and maybe don’t like the taste of alcohol, order the Winter Julep. It packs a warm, minty punch.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-6

When you want something stronger than the Winter Julep, order The Nightcap. You’re in a hotel. This is a good nightcap.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-9

When you want to order the second best thing on the menu with the second worst name, order the It’s Cold Bro. It’s another drink that should be on the year round menu. Definitely order this if you’re only ordering one.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-12

When you’re cold and want a warm drink that will also help warm your insides order the Butter My Rum. This would be better if it was in a thermos and you were smuggling it into a Caps game.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-19

When you want a whiskey sour, order The Rustic Sour.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-13

The POV Lounge doesn’t need to have a winter cocktail list, but it’s good that they do. The Grab em by the Roni and It’s Cold Bro are great. If I only saw their names on the menu, I would not order them. Order them. A name alone does not determine the quality of a cocktail.

The food menu is also amendable to suit your preferred experience. The two dishes we enjoyed the most hit very different notes. When you want a classier sports bar experience, order the buffalo cauliflower. When you want a not-at-all-sports bar experience, order the tuna poke. Hotels are for everyone. The POV Lounge is well aware of its customer base. If you can’t find anything suited to your needs, you’re either not looking hard enough or are put off by unfortunately named drinks. If you can get past titles, you’ll have a great time. If you can’t, at least there’s the view.

W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-8W Hotel Holiday Cocktails-7