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Let’s say you’ve got a craving for pizza. You’re out on H Street at 2:40am on Friday night; you’ve overstayed your welcome after last call has come and gone, you’re hungry and you’ve got $10 to your name. It’s a lucky coincidence that, starting today–a Friday full of adventure, bars and fun plans on H Street, in fact–the Atlas District’s new gourmet pizzeria H &pizza is opening its doors (ovens and otherwise) to you.

Stationed just a few doors down from Little Miss Whiskey’s and with Friday and Saturday hours extending to 3am, H &pizza is prime to become H Street’s most delicious quick ‘n’ easy late night option (though we highly recommend it at all times of the day or night, truth be told). Choose a base crust–traditional, whole wheat or multigrain–and add your sauce, made in house–classic tomato, spicy tomato, basil pesto, red chickpea, garlic puree or mushroom truffle. Don’t even get us started on their cheese options. Think of it as a more delicious Chipotle but with pizza, a gourmet twist and locally-sourced produce.


The most remarkable thing about H &pizza is the seemingly endless amount of options–oh, and did we mention an unlimited-topping pizza is only $8.64? If you’re having a hard time choosing, they’ve put together a masterlist of pizzas that range anywhere from the Farmer’s Daughter (spicy tomato sauce, housemade mozzarella, hot sausage, farm eggs, spinach, parmesan reggiano and red pepper chili oil) to the Grecian Market (Red chickpea spread, mushrooms, artichoke, broccolini, pickled red onion, kalamata olives and feta cheese)–they’ve even got vegan options.


Too curious for words, we sampled a variety of pizzas and were wowwed by each. The Moonstruck (red pepper chili oil, mushroom truffle, goat cheese, mushrooms, fig marsala and crushed black pepper) slid across our palettes with a light consistency while somehow still managing to pack a ton of flavor.


The surprise favorite, however, was their salad pizza the Backyard Garden (housemade mozzarella, asiago, ricotta, mushrooms, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, arugula and lemon vinaigrette). While you can order a more traditional pie from H &pizza, we recommend trying something so unique as the Backyard Garden or their tangy take on shrimp and pesto, the Jenny–the lightness of lemon paired with gourmet cheese is a pizza perfectly fit for summer.


The ambiance is casual and fun with white brick walls reflecting natural light. It’s a fantastic place to sit and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine (yup, they serve those), a salad, a pizza or even a dessert pizza–the one thing they don’t do is delivery and it’s entirely intentional. Before you get all bent out of shape about it, consider the decor so influenced by H Street and traditional pizza shops it’s almost endearing. Because H &pizza is truly a gourmet twist on old school pizzerias, you’ll see photos not of Italian families gracing the walls but black and white pictures of H Street throughout the years, dating all the way back to 1917.


Coming from an H Street resident, this pizza shop is a huge asset to the neighborhood. It’s delicious, has a slew of healthy options, is cheap and quick–from the time you place your order to the time you receive it, you’ll only wait five minutes and everything is prepared directly in front of you. It’s affordable without sacrificing great taste or the support of local farmers. What’s not to love?

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