Taste Test: Oktoberfest @ Roofers Union
Brandon Wetherbee | Sep 22, 2014 | 12:30PM |

Roofers Union has great sausage and a great beer selection. 2/3 of the place made our Least Douchey Bars in D.C. list. We enjoyed their June menu. We really enjoyed their July 3 Stars Beer Dinner. We’re definitely enjoying their current Oktoberfest menu.


There are three reasons to go to Roofers Union: location, Chef Majorie Meek-Bradley’s menu (specifically house made sausages) and beer director’s Dave Delaplaine’s hard-to-find beers. If you enjoy even more carbs than usual (the pretzel bread with beer cheese has enough calories for the day but you’ll still want to eat more), you’ll enjoy Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest means boot steins and German beer. Please don’t steal these steins. Inevitably a few will disappear, but please don’t steal from restaurants. Also, drink with the toes facing you. Giant air bubbles lead to messy sips if you’re kicking out.

Roofers Union Oktoberfest

There is more than beer this Oktoberfest. There’s heavy and, for some odd reason, light food. There’s nothing wrong with ordering the shaved brussel sprout salad from the special Oktoberfest menu at Roofers. It’s pleasant, but that’s not why you should go there. If you want a more well-rounded meal from Meek-Bradley, head to Ripple. Roofers isn’t about healthy.

Roofers Union Oktoberfest


Other temporary highlights include the cheese and potato pierogi and olive oil poached cod. Both are good, but once again, not the reason to to go Oktoberfest. The bratwurst and jagdwurst with house made mustards are why you should consider Oktoberfest. The bratwurst has a classic flavor, great for the less ambitious sausage eater. The jadgwurst, 1/2 beer, 1/2 pork, is a meaty meat overload of meat. If you’re the kind of meat lover that wished sandwiches were made of meat, meat, cheese, mustard and meat instead of dumb bread, you’ll enjoy the jadgwurst.

Roofers Union Oktoberfest

Get the German chocolate cake sundae. You’ll be much too full from your sausage party and beer party and TV party (there are TVs throughout the second floor bar and now I’m going to listen to “TV Party”), but get the German chocolate cake sundae. Don’t ‘save room’ for it. Just get it. It pairs quite well with the Port City Oktoberfest. I initially enjoyed it with the Avery “The Kaiser” Imperial Oktoberfest but that beer has a 10% alcohol content and I didn’t want to become both diabetic and drunk.

Roofers Union Oktoberfest

There is no need to stray from the special Oktoberfest beers Delaplaine has suggested for the next two weeks, but if he’s around, talk to the beer director. After a ten minute conversation he recommended some Crooked Run ales, a Leesburg based brewery I had never heard of. The two beers on tap are fantastic and something worth ordering. The local brewery can be found in a few Virginia bars but no where else in the District. That’s a reason to go to Roofers.