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Last week I thought I would stop by NoPa Kitchen + Bar and sample their new lunch menu. Chef Kuhn is great about introducing seasonal menus and changing up his vegetarian options all the time. His winter menu is as resplendent as his previous menus. Here’s what I ate, and I would recommend each one of these dishes.

First, squash and ricotta gnudi. These delectable dumplings are something you need to put in your mouth as soon as possible. Soft and sweet, these gnudi are infused with nutmeg and served with fresh sage, chestnuts, mushrooms and a luxurious brown butter sauce. The dish is elegant and earthy, and highlights the best of winter ingredients. Second, a bright green salad with pink and purple radishes, sweet dates, and a balsamic vinegar dressing that brings acid and highlights the sweetness of the dates. Light but filling, you could just have this with one of their popovers from the bread basket for a simple lunch.

Next up I tried my favorite of the new menu: farro and black quinoa risotto. It is so earthy, with a texture that is creamy and splendid. A gorgeous squash and pumpkin seed pesto is swirled on top, and the risotto is studded with fingerling potatoes. Micro greens and chards of cheese crown the dish. It is visually magnificent, and even better to eat.


Finally, I tried the spiced chickpea sandwich, a refreshing change from the portobello mushroom sandwich I see on the menu of every other restaurant in town. The chickpeas are pureed and spread onto focaccia, along with a harissa infused yogurt, feta, and greens. Served with fries, its an impressive Mediterranean-inspired veggie sandwich.