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There’s nothing like Italian food to remind you that it’s a good life. In D.C. we have a plethora of great Italian and it seems like new Italian spots are opening up every day. Centrolina. Bar Civita. And now, Naples. But really, can you ever have too much Italian? Not if it’s as delicious as it is at Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria E Bar (yes, that’s a mouthful!)


The modern Bethesda venue has a glass enclosed wine vault, a clean, white décor, and bright, modern lighting. Most importantly: it has some bangin’ Italian food.

Appetizers are huge and filling and delicious. Burrata. Served in a puddle of Italian-style salsa. So good. Then, a mini (but still big) Italian egg n cheese sandwich. Buttery bread, a full egg yolk, and heaps of stringy mozzarella cheese. Awesome. And crispy fried zucchini blossoms, served with a bright basil pesto. It’s all just so good.


After that, you will be stuffed. Who cares. Get eggplant parmesan, where the eggplant is flash fried and served with tomato sauce and cheese, spaghetti swirled in just the right amount of chunky tomato sauce, topped with a mound of stracciatella, four cheese pizza, and a veggie fritatta.

At this point there is no more room for anything else. It doesn’t matter. Dessert is essential. Fluffy ricotta zeppole, tiramisu so creamy it melts on your tongue, and real Italian cheesecake (which means it’s not too sweet but just sweet enough.)

Prices are reasonable, wine is plentiful, and service is cheerful. Make the trek out to Bethesda and get your Italian on.