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By Priya Konings 

Tired of scrambled eggs, waffles, and other typical brunch fare? Consider dining at Mio, where the menu is full of brunch and lunch plates infused with Latin American flavors.

First and foremost get yourself a glass of cava. Or a Mojito. Or both. (Bottomless mimosas are available for $19 but for something with more of a kick, order off of the cocktail menu).

Next, sample some appetizers from both the lunch and brunch sides of the menu. The arepas are perfect for sharing and one of the best options. Crunchy, golden fried cornmeal balls filled with melted cheese and served with black beans and tomato salsa. Perfect if you are hungover. Also perfect if you are not.
The fried green tomatillos are similarly awesome; but offer a more savory option compared to the arepas, which are sweet from the cornmeal. Be sure to mop up some chipotle dressing with each bite of the crispy tomatillo.
For your entree, the best dish depends on what you want. For an egg dish, try the rancheros, where fried tortillas are topped with poached eggs and smothered in tomato sauce and melted cheese.
For a savory, less brunchy dish, get the pionono de berenjena. This soulful dish, essentially an eggplant napoleon, is made with eggplant and plantains, an unlikely but surprisingly ideal pairing. Doused in a savory tomato sauce, the dish is hearty and gratifying.

For something on the sweet side, get the pancake soufflé. The crepe-like pancake is stuffed with a silky custard and soaked in a sweet passion fruit sauce.
Regardless of whether you opt for a lunch or brunch dish, or a sweet or savory dish, order one of the fried side dishes with your meal: the tostones, or plantains, come with fresh avocado and the fried yucca and papas fritas are utterly satisfying.