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Instagrams By Svetlana Legetic, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

We haven’t done a Medium Rare TASTE TEST. This surprised me. We didn’t do one for the Cleveland Park location or the Barracks Row location. We’ve recommended their brunch in the 2013 BRUNCH GUIDE and the 2014 BRUNCH GUIDE but for one reason or another, we never did a taste test for their regular menu. After dinner at the Barracks Row location, we’re glad we’re remedying that oversight.

Restaurant Week is over. It’s time to visit a restaurant that always offers a prix fixe menu. There are many, many options for prix fixe in D.C. (stay tuned for our guide), but it’s hard to top the value at Medium Rare. It’s under $20 for the salad/steak/frites meal. It seems too low.


Like there was an error low. D.C. isn’t a cheap city. It’s like Medium Rare doesn’t realize we’re not Indianapolis or something. They could charge at least $30 for this and still be a value. Same for their brunch. That’s only $23 and includes bottomless Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, mimosa, coffee and fresh orange juice. Too low. But this isn’t about their brunch (seriously good deal), it’s about their dinner.

We tried everything on the menu. It’s a lot and we don’t recommend trying everything on their menu, but when dinner consists of three things, it’s not that much. The steak is excellent and the steak sauce is what makes it excellent. The frites are frites, not too anything, good amount of crisp. But don’t just eat the dinner. Get the desserts.


Each dessert can and should be shared. They’re massive. The hot fudge sundae is a house specialty. We didn’t really want it. It was our favorite. When’s the last time you ordered a hot fudge sundae? Here’s an extreme close up of a hot fudge sundae that, once eaten, makes you feel like a happy child.


Another favorite is the Pie Sisters Key Lime. The least rich dessert on the menu is also too much for one person.


The main lesson we learned from our visit to Medium Rare? Consider Medium Rare. That’s it. They serve one thing and do it well. It’s good for dates (pretty sure our waiter thought we were on a date and we were definitely next to a couple), good for families (there were smaller children who were very well behaved a few tables away because Barracks Row parents to not put up with any nonsense) and good if you’re trying to show your parents you know what you’re doing.