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With all the attention Masseria has been getting in the media I decided it was high time to check out this new spot and see if it as good as everyone says it is. The location is kind of random, placed in between abandoned warehouses near Union Market, but it makes going there feel mysterious and adventurous, and as it turns out, everyone is right: the food is so good the restaurant could be located on the moon and you would still find a way to get there.

The interior is a stark contrast to the neighborhood. After coming through a heavy door, you enter into a gorgeous outdoor area with couches and fire pits, followed by a outdoor dining area, soon to be glass enclosed for the winter months. Behind that is another, indoor, dining area, with an open-kitchen and a small bar where you can sample the wonders of bar manager Julien-Pierre Bourgon.

For dinner, you can choose to create your own 3 or 5 course dinner from the menu, which is divided into appetizers, entrees, cheese, and dessert. I went, I saw, and, man, did I eat. Your menu will include an amuse bouche which for us included mini arancini, tiny risotto balls filled with smoky provolone cheese. Bread is brought over soon after, served with a tomato spread and small crunchy crackers shaped like rings.

After inhaling those items, I started with the mushrooms, meaty nuggets served with a creamy, earthy turnip puree, and burrata, a perfect sphere of burrata topped with crispy fried cippolini onions.

For pasta, I had the agnolotti, ethereal sheets of pasta soaked in a creamy sauce and topped with a whole egg yolk, making the dish a silky and perfect.

To close, I enjoyed housemade pistachio gelato served over a sweet beignet made from pasta and drenched in a sweet sauce. Complimentary mini cannoli is served as a final bite.


With each course, enjoy a glass of wine, or one of Julien-Pierre’s phenomenal drinks. The menu changes frequently as different ingredients come into season. Try the “I Left My Wallet In Montreal” with rye, bitters, and garnished with a bay leaf. For a real showstopper try “The Hennessey Jed” where a goblet of Black Walnut Infused Glycerin Smoke is filled with cognac. The overflowing smoke, which infuses every sip, makes the drink one of the most memorable ones you will ever have. The “Peppino di Capri,” prosecco with season sorbet is fun and easy to drink if you that’s your vibe. The best advice? Sample all of them!