Photos By Andy DelGiudice, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

You might have a reason to be in Chevy Chase this weekend. It’s the start of the holiday season and possibly the start of frequent trips to Macon. If you enjoy living like some king and enjoy consuming duck prosciutto while drinking Bulleit infused with duck fat, fig and cinnamon, you’ll want to begin frequent trips to Macon.

DGDC Macon Bistro 1DGDC Macon Bistro 2

Bartender/mixologist/whatever fancy title you want to give a person that makes really basic, really good, really thoughtful (Have you seen duck fat used in a drink? Ever? Anywhere?) cocktails Evan Cablayan is the reason we may spend more time in Chevy Chase. The Macon Bistro & Larder is a cute, tiny restaurant at 5520 Connecticut Avenue NW. It’s just far enough from a Metro to feel like a hassle. But now there’s the Duck & Fig Julep on the menu so the commute doesn’t seem so bad.

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If for some odd reason you’re tired of reading praise about meat in drinks, the Harvest at Macon may be more appropriate. The bourbon, persimmon, honey and Angostura bitters cocktail doesn’t really taste like alcohol and seasonally appropriate.

DGDC Macon Bistro 10

The Autumn Ricky is a light tasting drink that should be on the menu year-round but won’t because Cablayan only uses fresh ingredients. Thyme is seasonal. It sticks out in a good way.

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If you’re looking for an odd drink, something you’re not going to make at home and something you won’t forget, order the Cat On a Hot Tin. One of the most popular drinks at Macon is hot. The hot hits your throat. The roasted-jalepeno tequila is effective in ways that are unexpected.

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