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Although Macon Bistro & Larder has been around for a while, I only recently went for a visit and immediately fell in love with the great bistro vibe. It feels like you could be in Paris, sipping a glass of wine while chatting with a friend and people watching. The food also has a Parisian feel to it, with a hint of southern charm. An unusual combination that somehow works.

Perhaps the best dish that showcases the southern influence is the biscuits. Apparently made according to an old family recipe, the biscuits are buttery and flaky and all the things you want when eating a biscuit. These biscuits are so good that an order of them with a glass of champagne would make any bad day a good day.

After you stuff your face with the biscuits and finish a glass of champagne, there is more food to be eaten and drinks to be consumed. The menu changes with seasons, and the current menu is bursting with fall ingredients. Try a creamy, sweet butternut squash soup with crème fraiche or a beet napoleon where beets are sandwiched between puffed pastry and a dollop of creamy whipped goat cheese. The ricotta gnocchi is a stunning main dish. The dumplings are light but hearty, complimented by meaty mushrooms and butternut squash for an element of sweetness.

And then of course there is dessert. French pastries and southern sweets are both world renowned. Try a classic pear tart tatin, decadent, sweet coconut cake, or milk and cookies! Warm chocolate chip cookies served with bourbon infused milk… someone at Macon clearly knows the way to my heart.