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I’m not usually a fan of fast casual. I don’t want to pay $15 for a salad at Chopped or Sweetgreen. I don’t want a bowl of overcooked rice with flavorless falafel from Skewers or a sushi burrito (shudder) from Buredo. But I do have a few favorites. A few go-to spots that manage to make high-quality, appetizing fast food. Beefsteak is one. Shouk is another. And the third is Little Sesame, DGS Delicatessen’s little sister, located below their main restaurant in Dupont Circle.

The venue is teeny, with three picnic bench tables inside and a handful of outdoor iron tables. The food isn’t cheap either, if you get a hummus bowl and a drink with tax you will spend about $15. But the food is worth it. Little Sesame offers half a dozen or so hummus bowls, where the creamiest hummus you have ever had is generously covered with a variety of seasonal toppings and served with a hefty hunk of doughy pita bread. Hummus bowl? Yep, and it is crazy delicious and crazy filling.

The menu changes seasonally but right now they have options like roasted artichokes drizzled with dill tahini and sprinkled with za’atar, super crispy fried cauliflower doused with tahini and crowned with green onions, and roasted onions with a charred ramp vinaigrette. You can choose to add crispy chickpeas, feta cheese, or an egg. Small, creative salads are also available on the side, as is Mexican coke and Izze pomegranate soda.

Don’t knock this fast casual spot until you try it. Just be prepared to spend some good dough.