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Prequel, an Equity Eats project, is a multi-level space where new restaurants can try out their menu as a pop-up. The project is crowd funded, and meant to be a “food playground” where diners can come and enjoy an interactive culinary experience where their opinions about food and pairings are curated and taken into consideration for the future of the pop up.  Prequel employs staff and servers, and their goal is to become a destination pop up space for chefs. Currently, Lighthouse is taking over the second floor for a four-week lobster and hamburger pop up experience. Tickets for the two course meal include wine and beer pairings chosen by Max Kuller of Proof, and a welcome cocktail.  After the meal, diners complete a survey about their experience which will influence offerings when the restaurant opens a stand alone space in the near future.

Lighthouse will offer a straightforward menu of lobster, hamburger, veggie burger, and lobster roll when they open. For now, the pop up menu includes the lobster and hamburger only.  The lobster is a half Maine lobster (when they open it will be a full lobster), harvested the day previous to when you eat it. It’s served at room temperature with a mesclun salad with pickled carrots and topped with baked Parmesan crisps. The lobster is delicious, perfectly chewy, not tough. It’s a simple dish, but so fresh and tasty you’ll definitely be thinking about it and craving it for days after.


Served with triple cooked fries, the hamburger is ground in house and served on a brioche bun. The burger itself is so good, made with beef from Amish farms in Pennsylvania. It’s served medium and it’s super juicy and flavorful.  The maple-smoked cheddar and tomato jam dial up the sweetness, which the triple cooked fries help to tone down, but nonetheless the sweetness ends up being a bit overpowering.



Head over to Prequel to dig in to Lighthouse’s pop up menu, then pay Brick and Mortar a visit in the basement to finish the evening with a cocktail.