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This past Saturday was cold and rainy, typical Parisian weather, which made dining at L’Hommage the perfect spot for brunch. This new French bistro in Mount Vernon has all the makings of classic dining spot in Paris: white paper that covers the tablecloth, dark wood furniture, elegantly dressed staff, and warm French bread served with unsalted butter.

As I settled in to review the menu, I ordered a glass of champagne and a basket of gougers, because after all, what’s a better way to spend a rainy Saturday than to indulge in champagne and cheese puffs?

The brunch menu includes eggs benedict, omelets, waffles and Dutch pancakes, but it also offers lunch fare like sandwiches and salads. Being a rainy day, I opted for a bowl of their tomato soup, a creamy, cheese-infused, crouton covered dish that will warm your soul. On the side, I ordered some frites, because after all, what’s the point of eating French food if you don’t get the French fries? The frites come with a creamy aioli as well as ketchup (we are in America after all).

For dessert, get yourself another glass of champagne and a crème brulee. The cool, silky custard comes in four flavors, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut, but I always recommend sticking with the classic vanilla. Profiteroles, mint chocolate cake, and sorbet are also available. And if you need a pick-me-up after all that food and wine, their coffee comes in individual French presses, perfect for making your brunch even more leisurely. If you need something sweet to take home, or you’re in too much of a rush for a sit-down meal, check out the L’Hommage Bakery next door to the bistro which has a variety of desserts and breakfast pastries.