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The Majestic Cafe on King Street in Alexandria is a landmark restaurant that has been a staple for decades. It’s been relocated and remodeled, and now the menu is getting a bit of a revamp under the direction of newly appointed Executive Chef Lisa Frantz.  

The new Late Summer menu is inclined toward southern tastes. Appetizers are served in warm cast iron skillets. Pimento cheese dip is served warm in a cast iron skillet with grilled bread, with a taste that’ll make you feel like a warm summer evening in the country. Blistered okra with lemon and parmesan or jalapeno and cheddar cornbread are also options for your app, but my favorite is the Red Hot Peanut Pork Candy, which is delicious cubes of roasted pork belly topped with peanuts and glazed with honey. If you ordered this dish for your appetizer and your entree and your dessert (“Candy” is in the name) I wouldn’t judge you. Ordering any of these appetizers with The Majestic’s honey-sweetened Virginia sparkling lemonade is a great idea; but there are also five new taps at the bar serving Virginia and DC beers, and that might be an even better idea. Order a flight to try all five.


But before your appetizer, embrace the bread plate because this freebie ain’t just bread and butter. Big slices of toasted raisin bread are served on a plate with drunken cherry jam, chicken liver pate, stone ground mustard and pickled seasonal veggies. You deserve more than regular old bread and butter. You deserve chicken liver pate.

Two new salads are also featured on the menu. The Summer Salad is a spinach salad with grilled watermelon, raspberry vinaigrette, feta and spiced pecans. The Baby Kale Chopped salad has roasted peanuts, apples, feta, golden raisins, avocado and sweet mustard dressing. Both are awesome, but the Baby Kale salad knocks it out of the park. Bright, tangy, and with tons of tasty toppings.

If you decide to order an actual entree for your entree and not just another order of pork belly, that’s fine, it’s your life. Your new options are shrimp and grits, twice roasted chicken, house-made ravioli, and an 18-oz ribeye steak. If you’re the boring one who always orders chicken because you’re boring, prepare to feel vindicated. The twice roasted chicken, stuffed with mushrooms and served on a bed of rice and red peas with carrots and green beans, is amazing. It hits every mark on the chicken trifecta, juicy, tender, flavorful. It’s the only gluten free option of the new entrees, but never fear, all you celiac ridden sad sacks, you won’t be missing out on delicious food here.

Three cheese ravioli is your veg option, and it is also quite good and super pretty (looks matter). All the entrees are good but these two stand out. The ham mac and cheese that comes with the ribeye outshines the steak.

For dessert, more pork belly. Just kidding (unless you’re gonna do it). Go for a big slice of key lime pie on graham cracker crust. Simple, classic, totally majestic.