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You may not have heard of Jardenea, but after you see these pictures, you’re going to wonder why you aren’t eating there right now.


This small farm-to-fork restaurant in the Melrose Georgetown Hotel has a calm, soothing atmosphere with a seasonal menu designed to bring you the best of local produce. The food is earthy and sensational, showcasing Chef Nate Lindsay’s talent at creating harvest-centric comfort food.

The current spring menu has lots of highlights, including a decadent white asparagus soup, with a dollop of truffle infused cream, melt-in-your-mouth pea and morel mushroom risotto, a delicate flatbread topped with cheese and juicy tomatoes, grilled oysters, and for dessert, a sweet crème brulee with a crunchy burnt sugar top, adorned with fresh berries.


Enjoy your meal with one of their lovely cocktails, like the limoncello champagne cocktail, and with dessert, have some espresso and a splash of Calvados, an apple brandy which your server will enthusiastically swirl into a brandy snifter.



Relax indoors or on their outdoor patio, and after your meal, stroll to Georgetown for shopping, people-watching, or more drinking.