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Photos By Franz Mahr, Words By Travis Mitchell

Jack Rose wants you to know that it’s more than a place to grab a drink on its (probably crowded) rooftop or enjoy a dram of rare scotch. You should pay attention.

The restaurant recently unveiled new southern-influenced menus for its rooftop and dining room, inspired by the South Carolina roots of newly-installed Executive Chef Russell Jones.

Start by grabbing a seat on the rooftop terrace. Order up a tall cocktail and a bowl of clam dip. Yes, clam dip. The housemade ruffle chips alone are worth it.

If fried snacks are your thing, head down to the dining saloon for bites of shrimp hushpuppies or fried portions of oysters, pork head cheese, chicken skins or chicken livers.

Jack Rose_New Menu_FRM-7

While appetizers and small bites are central to both menus – Jones previous worked as executive chef at the U St. wine and tapas bar Vinoteca – there are highlights to be found in the entrees as well.

The ale-brined chicken gets a big assist from the accompanying dumplings and rosemary-thyme broth, which were among the most flavorful items on the entire menu. It could be a soup all on its own.

Vegetarians can happily nosh on the hearty, creamy swiss chard agnolotti with parmesan, onions and mushrooms.

Jack Rose_New Menu_FRM-20

Everyone can agree that no meal is complete without a solid drink or two (or three), and Jack Roses’ revamped cocktail menu includes plenty of options, and they involve much more than just whiskey.

Do yourself a favor and try the Lost at Sea, a bitter and refreshing cocktail mixed with Rhum Agricole and Campari. It’s an ideal sipping drink to cut through the humid summer weather. Tequila fans will enjoy the Pinacillin, a margarita offshoot made with honey syrup, ginger syrup and fresh lime.

Jack Rose_New Menu_FRM-4Jack Rose_New Menu_FRM-10

Whether you’re looking to grab a whiskey, a tropical cocktail al fresco or a dinner with a Southern flare, Jack Rose is definitely worth a shot. Don’t let the late-night Adams Morgan crowds keep it from landing a spot on your summer rotation.

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