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The weekend is just around the corner; you’re well on your way toiling 40 to 60 to — god help you — 80 hours a week. Friday is a wash because you’ve been worn down to a nub. There’s no another time to get uncapped and faded than Saturday night. You work all week so that you can take a break, earn a hangover, then wake up to brunch on Sunday to repair yourself. If you and your friends can manage to scoop your bedraggled asses out of bed in AdMo, you can now enjoy a brunch menu at your favorite whisky library, cigar perch, + general excellent hangout spot, Jack Rose.


Start out with Cured Salmon Flatbread: big peels of Atlantic salmon, lemon, crème fraiche, capers, and caramelized onions.


The “Bacon & Egg” Sandwich is a treat for pork lovers, served as an open faced, braised pork belly sammich topped with a duck egg (always a winning touch), pickled vegetables, and housemade aioli. The radish chips that come with the dish are also a lovely accompaniment.


The Chilaquiles is a great hangover buffer. This deluxe nacho configuration is made up of nachos with lava heaps of  gouda infused with caramelized onions, chorizo, tomatillo, crème fraiche. Tag an an egg for a dollar.


If you have a smaller appetite and maybe even a sweet tooth go for the Vanilla French Toast, decorated with whiskey pecan caramel sauce, housemade ricotta, and dots of fresh fruit.

IMG_9200  IMG_9185

To be honest the real homeruns of the meal were the brunch cocktails. The Tomatillo Bloody Mary was as eye catching as it was tasty. Add a little vodka to some tomatillo juice and you’ve got a really delicious boozy salsa verde. It goes down smooth and grit-less, spiced,  chilly, refreshing, it will leave you relaxed like a good cocktail should.

IMG_9232  IMG_9169

The other cocktail is a play on the Bloody Mary. Replace vodka with, in my opinion the superior liquor, whisky. The result is known as a Bourbon Bacon Blue Cheese Bloody Mary, garnished with bacon and a blue cheese-stuffed olive:

Jack Rose’s brunch is open from 10am – 3pm on Sundays. For a full menu, click here