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all photos: Stephanie Breijo

Our love for frozen drinks (consumed outdoors, and preferably during daytime) has been documented time and time again so when the awesome cocktail team @ Jack Rose (spearheaded by the formidable Rachel Sergi) gave us a buzz and told us they’ll be whipping out their new alcoholic sno-cones for their CINCO-DE-DERBY party this Saturday – we high-tailed it over to the corner or 18th and California streets NW to taste test our afternoon away.

And yes-it was as delightful as it sounds. Sergi ordered not one, but two sno-cone machines each able to crush up to 50lbs of ice a go and decided to stick with two seasonal classics (both of which heavily rely on ice in at least one of their reiterations) for their opening weekend:

  • a margarita sno-cone
  • and a mint julep sno-cone

Sergi makes all the syrups herself, cooking down the limes for the lime-ade and keeping the artificial flavorings and sugars out (“It both tastes better and helps prevent hangovers”-is the mantra) and from the pours we saw happen before our very eyes, don’t be deceived by the general adorableness of the presentation-these DEFINITELY pack a punch.

After this weekend? If all goes well (and how can it not?) the plan is to expand upon the menu: Long Island Frozen Teas and Blue Motorcycles (with fresh blueberries, not curacao) await. If you need us this  Saturday afternoon-you know where to find us.