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Baltimore is home to a lot of great things: John Waters, Berger cookies, Natty Boh, and now, Iron Rooster.

I recently went to this magical place for brunch when I was in town for the weekend, largely to see what all the hype was about (I mean, if Michael Phelps dines there, then they have to be doing something Olympically right, no?), and it did not disappoint.

While the menu is comprised of SO MANY good options, I ultimately went with their signature waffle cheeseburger, which is exactly what it sounds like: beef patties ‘n cheese between Belgian waffle buns. (If you’re going, “HOLY GOD!” then we are on the same page as people.)


I won’t lie to you; this is not something that is necessarily easy to eat, and I did end up deconstructing it to be able to fit all of the important parts in my mouth in a single bite, but practicality aside, this is legitimately one of the greatest burger experiences I have ever had (and that’s saying a lot, because I have been to In-N-Out); the burger patties themselves are super flavorful, and nothing beats some good old fashioned melted American cheese (they had a ton of cheese varieties, but I am as basic as they come), plus the waffle buns…I mean, do I even have to go into detail here? AMAZING AND SO GOOD.

The moral of this story is that if you are in Baltimore you should DEFINITELY swing by to test this guy out. (But also, everything on the menu is worth trying, so TO EACH HIS OWN!) The downside is that there are no reservations (though I feel this is customary when it comes to brunch…) so do be prepared to potentially wait. It’s totally worth it. And if you miss the brunch times, 1. breakfast is served ALL DAY, and 2. I would be willing to bet that the filet mignon benedict that’s served at dinnertime would more than make up for the timing.