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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Iron Gate has a midday menu. It’s the most affordable way to eat at Iron Gate. If you’re ever off work early, you can not do better than Iron Gate’s midday menu.

Did we sell it hard enough? If you’ve been to Iron Gate, you know about the intimidating bar, gorgeous patio and intimate dining room. You know about the fantastic food and inventive drinks. You know why it’s a great meeting place and a perfect date setting. The midday menu fits a new niche. Now you know where to head after work on a half day.


There are only five food options and four cocktails on the midday menu. The best of the bunch is the pikilia platter. If you’re with a meat eater, you can’t do much better. The peel and eat chickpeas are also meant for splitting and the path velley shell bean hummus is pleasant but the platter is the highlight.


The cocktails, priced at $8 and $9, are a good happy hour deal that’s not during happy hour. The Good God, Lemon! and Ouzo, Don’t Call Me A Frappe (both drinks that taste better than their punny names) are best for warm weather days. The Good God, Lemon! melts into a slushie that doesn’t taste like alcohol while the Ouzo, Don’t Call Me A Frape (not all drinks need to be named like this) doesn’t shy away from it’s liquorice-like qualities.


Ouzo, Don’t Call Me A Frappe



Good God, Lemon!

The midday menu is only available on the patio and in the carriageway. Enjoy it on the patio. The restaurant that’s not quite in Dupont Circle or Logan Circle or downtown is hidden away in the middle of the block. Feel like you’re even further out of D.C. on the patio. It’s a great place to hide everyday from 2 to 5 p.m.