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By Priya Konings

It hasn’t been that cold yet this winter, but that all changes this week. Your excuse for warm drinks is here. The Ritz-Carlton is featuring a series of hot chocolates infused with international flavors and served with a shot, which you can add to your beverage or just drink on the side. Have a fancy happy hour in their lobby lounge and sample one, or all, of these boozy chocolaty beverages. Seriously, is there any better marriage than that of chocolate and alcohol?! Yes, I may still be drunk/on a sugar high after sampling all of these libations.


The flavors being offered include the South African hot chocolate, made with a blend of dark and light Madagascan chocolates and spiked with Amarula Cream. Rich, thick, and frothy, it is a chocolate lover’s dream; the Indian hot chocolate, a decadent dark chocolate cocoa infused with cinnamon and all spice liquor and topped with a cardamom marshmallow; the Italian hot chocolate comprised of chocolate, Frangelico, and mascarpone whipped cream; and finally the spicy Mexican hot chocolate which was my personal favorite. The beverage offers a trifecta of heat: a warm beverage with hot pepper and tequila. It will warm you though to your toes. Each drink also comes with a cookie or sweet treat.


So what are you waiting for? Go get drunk/drink chocolate! These beverages will be available through the end of January.