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Himitsu is one of the hottest newcomers in town. While their regular dinner menu is choke-full of fantastic Japanese fare, this review is of their current pop-up, which is all about udon noodles. The pop-up is only taking place on Sundays during the month of February, so if you want to slurp down some delish udon noodles, you only have two more shots.

I went last Sunday with my sister and we both ordered the vegetable kakiage udon bowl. Yes, we are both vegetarians who are obsessed with noodles of every kind. The vegetable kakiage bowl featured fresh, chewy udon noodles swimming in a silky, savory dashi broth. A smattering of fragrant green onions is the only garnish, making the dish incredibly simple but bursting with umami from the garlic dashi. But, there is one other essential element to this dish that makes takes it over the top. On the side, Chef will bring you a vegetable fritter; fried strings of onions and veggies that are crazy good. Crunchy and salty and perfect, you should drop the fitter into you soup which will add even more flavor and bring a crispy, decadent aspect to your noodle soup.


You need this soup in your life. Don’t miss out. Once again, you just have two more Sundays.