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Words by Jenn Tisdale, Photos by Brandon Wetherbee

Easter is a welcomed holiday for many reasons not relating to Cadbury Mini Eggs. You thankfully get to break the Lent chains that bound you for 40 days. Finally able to indulge in all the things you gave up, most people are easing themselves back into a meal plan they sorely missed. For the fourth year Zaytinya literally brings a Greek Easter Festival to the table that will kickstart the tastebuds you’ve been neglecting for the past month or so.

You’ll be pretty ready to let it all hang out at what I’m calling My Big Fat Greek Brunch. Start off with the Spring Pea Tzatziki with pistachios, Greek yogurt and mint to gently reintroduce your body to a post-lent existence. The pistachios give it a hearty Earthy taste which will be balanced nicely with possibly your first drink in over a month, the Metaxa Fizz. It’s made with five year metaxa, lemon juice, orgeat syrup, bitters and egg whites. You’re going to want those egg whites for protein. There is no need to throw strong muscles completely out the window.


Spring may be springing but we can still sneak some soup into your stomach before the weather really heats up. Grab a bowl of their Mayiritsa, a traditional egg and lemon soup with lamb neck, smoked lamb’s liver and caramelized onions. It’s got a beat you can dance to. The lamb’s liver gives you something to chew on while infusing the soup with a rich and satisfying flavor.

Don’t let the joyous return to your old diet encourage the glutton in you. Vegetables are key so snag an order of the Roasted Asparagus with z’atar, labneh and rhubarb puree. Rhubarb, it’s not just for pies and if you’re a reluctant vegetable consumer they’ll add some sweet-tart taste for ya.

Head Chef Michael Costa is a huge fan of adding an extra touch here and there to really make an old familiar food favorite pop. If you’re into originality, and who isn’t, then definitely order a batch of his Salted Butter Koulourakia cookies. Buttery cookies made better with a pinch of salt on top. Both sides of your tongue will thank you.