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What started out as an occasional dinner that Chef Nathan Beauchamp hosted for family and friends in the small lower level dining room of the Fainting Goat, has now turned into an incredible underground dining experience now open to the public, called Goat Underground. This unique dinner features a nine course menu with drink pairings that is revealed on entry, and a limit on the number of people you can make a reservation for: just two, so you meet and eat with people you’ve never met before.


I recently had the privilege of being invited to one of these dinners, and it was epic to say the least. The tiny room where everything takes places holds just one table for eight, making the dinner intimate and cozy. The menu is written on the wall, and twinkling lights enhance the already charming and mysterious atmosphere. No matter how pleasant the scene though, it’s impossible to be prepared for the dynamic dishes about to be served.


This particular meal consisted of highs, and then even higher highs. A beet salad with crispy radishes and dill, which was a painter’s palate of color and gorgeous display of winter’s bounty. Beautifully prepared salsify, which is a sweet root vegetable, followed and was served in a buttery, silky root vegetable puree. Next, plump gnocchi with Brussel spout leaves, dollops of ricotta, and garnished with heady shaved black truffle. Then, Japanese sweet potato adorned with sprouts and served with a sweet and spicy beet puree. Then the ultimate highlight: the Goat Underground’s signature dish, Shit on A Shingle. A crunchy piece of bread is laid on a silky cream sauce, and topped with more sauce, caramelized leeks and a perfectly cooked duck egg. It is sinfully good. Creamy and rich and succulent. I want to eat it every day. Every. Single. Day.

And it wasn’t even over yet. Arroz verde, Brussel sprouts and green beans were still to come, followed by raclette melted over piles of bread and vegetables, and then a poached pear with nuts and buttermilk ice cream. This story would also not be complete with talking about the beverages: cocktails like a gin martini, a mezcal, chili liquor, and cucumber concoction, wine, beer, and for the finale, a nutmeg-infused-goat’s milk punch. You will want to drink an entire vat of it.

This is the coolest dining experience in town people. Hats off to the Chef.