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Photos By Emily Cohen, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The Gibson is dark. It’s a barely lit speakeasy that doesn’t have a sign. This also relates to their drink selection. When a bartender can’t see what they’re using, mistakes happen. These mistakes lead to new, inventive cocktails. Mistakes can be good.

The 2013-14 Gibson winter cocktail menu is full of smokey concoctions perfect for chilly weather. The 20 seasonal drinks join the tried and true menu that makes the Gibson one of our favorite establishments. Not all of these seasonal drinks are for everyone. In fact, one of them is the worst drink I have ever consumed. Another is one of the best. Most are worth your time.


Made from a house made butternut squash, this scotch based drinks highlights the liquors smoky feel. Good for cold nights that require a sweater and viewings of Frasier.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Let’s Play Musical Bartenders

This is amazing. I’ve already raved about this drink in our Your Best December feature. It’s a drink that’s main ingredient is bitters. BITTERS!?! Who knew?

I want to drink this drink once a day. Please, Gibson, keep this on the menu year round.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Dirty French Novel

This is a fantastic cocktail for the casual sipper, parent or individual in need pre-holiday party stress reliever.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Chai Chi

The brain that dreamt up this concoction logged some time at Starbucks. It shows in this concoction. Do you like Starbucks Chai Lattes? If you do, you’ll like this.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Heated Discussions

Smokey and hot. You should know if you like things smokey and hot.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Late Night Craving

A great way to end the night, this indulgent drink is full of a sweetness reminiscent of Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Three Words

A very nice cocktail that will hopefully make it to the full time menu.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

So, There!

Aptly titled. It needs the exclamation mark. It might be the worst thing I’ve intentionally ever drank. It’s an eye opener. It’s made from ingredients most bartenders avoid. There’s a reason. It’s the cocktail version of Jeppson’s Malört, which means it will find an audience. I am not part of that audience.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Sell Me Candy

For the scotch fan that wants a hint of sweetness. Very seasonal appropriate.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu


A very good drink with a very good balance of ingredients. It also has just enough steps to never want to make it at home. Cocci Rosa, Apple Brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitter and fire. Beautiful fire.

Gibson Winter Cocktail MenuGibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Zero Couth

By the time I sipped the 11th cocktail of the night I was telling everyone how great Kanye is and why you should love Kanye and Kanye is the zeitgeist and everything in the world is great and getting better and cocktails are the best. Then I wrote the following in my notebook: WTF is this? It’s not bad, but WTF?

According to the menu, it’s made of Uncouth Vermouth (Serrano Chili & Lavender), Saiers, Tobermory 10 and Cocchi Rosa. Now, completely sober, I still am asking, WTF is this? It’s definitely worth trying to figure out.

Gibson Winter Cocktail Menu

Red Ryder BB Gun

If you want to drink the aroma of Christmas, here’s your drink. Also, fire. Lots of fire.

Gibson Winter Cocktail MenuGibson Winter Cocktail MenuGibson Winter Cocktail Menu