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With summer well behind us, the colorful leaves and crisp air means it’s fall cocktail season. Slip inside The Gibson’s nondescript door at 14th & U NW and walk into D.C.’s largest and most diverse liquor selection and the coveted seasonal cocktail menu created by master mixologist Frankie Jones. While traditional mixed drinks are always in style, the seasonal menus allow mixologists to show guests what they do best, bringing out Fall flavors with their own spin.

Newly married, Jones created Domesticated Me as a lighter option for the lovebirds. A fancier play on a wine spritzer, the addition of fruity Cocchi Rosa, yellow chartreuse and orange bitters give the drink a sweet but tangy taste.

GF Domesticated Me

The Pimmp’s Kupp, a play on the traditional British gin-liqueur based Pimm’s Cup, features Balvenie 12 scotch, Canton, Kummel and Peychaud’s Bitters, giving it a spicy taste. Jones recommends this drink for scotch fans having a great day and ballin’ night.

GF Pimp's Cup

An ode to Harry Potter, the Butterbeer is a combination of pilsner beer, syrup and eggwhite along with Famous Grouse, an easy going scotch. The light drink has a creamy richness and cinnamon or nutmeg on top adds spice to the sweet flavor.

GF Butterbeer

Other drinks on the menu include The Truth, an ode to the movie A Few Good Men, containing mainly booze and a strong chartreuse taste. Why Not? is a spicy champagne cocktail with Mezcal Vida and smoked fruit taste from apple bitters, an easy intro into the world of mezcal. Caroline, a ladies night drink inspired by the Concrete Blonde song, is a complex old fashioned tiki drink with pineapple and allspice, great for the winter months.

The Gibson’s mixing staff has created 23 drinks on their new menu and look forward to serving them throughout the chilly winter months.

Photos courtesy of Gibson