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When I used to write about vegan restaurants I always felt like I had to be really convincing. Like, the food is good, I swear! Jut try it! But in the last few years, vegan food has become mainstream. I no longer need to beg you to try it, you already know that plant based dishes can be creative, tasty, and flavorful. At Fruitive, the food is all of that and more.

Because it’s close to my work, on Palmer Alley in City Center, I often stop by for Fruitive’s fruity smoothies and creamy nut milks to go. Recently, I found the time to sample some of the bigger items at the menu and it has since become a staple breakfast and lunch spot. I inquired as to what the most popular item on the menu is, and without hesitation I was told it was the avocado toast. I know, your financial advisor is telling you to stop ordering avocado toast. But this one is worth the $9.95 price tag. (One slice is only $5.95! That’s still a lot for avocado toast!) While it isn’t cheap, it’s on par with other avocado toast options in the city. The nutty seed bread is smothered in a creamy mayo, sliced avocado and a sprinkling of dried oregano and sea salt.

If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, try one of their new waffles. Made with buckwheat flour, they’re nutty and hearty, and this fall infused seasonal flavors like pumpkin, and topped with nutmeg, cinnamon and candied pecans. This dish should keep you full for hours. The autumn spice superberry bowl, almond milk blended with fruit and spices and then topped with granola, bananas and coconut flakes, is also a sweet, fruit forward breakfast dish. The coconut milk has a thick, creamy texture when blended with fruit, almost like yogurt. The granola topping adds a crunchy note and the banana brings some density. Both items are under $15.

If you need something quick, try the apple turnover, which has a flaky pastry and sweet apple filing, or one of the smoothies. I love the strawberry banana and the pineapple colada. The coffee date is made with cold brew if you need a kick. The turnover is somewhat reasonable at $5.95 and smoothies are around $10 for a 16 oz.


Yes, it’s vegan. Yes, it’s healthy. It’s also delicious.