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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The meat place. The restaurants that serves the meat on the swords. This place has a happy hour. We tried it. We also ate the meat from the swords.

Fogo de Chão is busy most nights. It’s on Pennsylvania Ave. across the street from the Trump Hotel. The clientele appears to be mostly tourists. Do they need a happy hour to drum up business? Absolutely not. They’re packed and on Pennsylvania Ave. Is their happy hour a good deal? Sure.

If you’re stuck on Pennsylvania Ave. after work, the Fogo de Chão happy hour is actually a fine deal. They’re revamping their bar menu and now have $8 cocktails, $6 glasses of South American wines and $4 small bites. The cocktails are light, sweet and effective. The atmosphere has not been revamped. That’s fine. It’s a place that knows what it is.


After attending the Fogo de Chão happy hour event, I will consider going back when in the area after work. You should too. You’re on this site so you’re not going to visit the Trump Hotel, it’s difficult to get a seat during Central Michel Richard’s happy hour, it’s more affordable than after work drinks at the W and you’re able to hide in a sea of tourists. No one is going to the meat on swords restaurants to be seen.

I genuinely enjoyed this happy hour. It’s very easy to make fun of the meat on swords place because they serve meat on swords and are to meat what the Hard Rock Cafe is to rock. But unlike the Hard Rock Cafe, Fogo de Chão is not sad. Unless you’re a vegan. Then it’s sad. But to meat eaters, Fogo de Chão is a mirror.

Is it possible to overeat at Fogo de Chão? Absolutely. Is this how the majority of the clientele enjoys the restaurant? Probably. Do you need to stuff yourself? No. Will you? Probably. But that’s on you. I ate less at Fogo de Chão than any other steak house I’ve frequented. I still ate way too much but it proves my point. You do not have to want to eat your weight in meat at the Brazilian steak house chain to warrant a visit.